Face Protective Shield 1 Pair

  • CA$4 CA$10

Pair Full Face Protective Shields


This complete full face shield is adjustable for one size fits most adults. This shield was designed to provide comfort for those who have to wear PPE all day. Unlike other face shields, this one provides almost 90% coverage of your head. It is perfect for dentists, hygienists, doctors, nurses, police officers, EMT, military personnel, etc.

The Face Shield-Rigid is intended to create a physical barrier separating the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from the immediate surroundings. It prevents liquids or droplets splash from contacting the user.

The face shield uses a sheet connected to a band. The band has two straps to secure the device to the back of the head. This device is intended to be used in conjunction with additional personal protective equipment (such as masks, respirators, and safety goggles/loupes).

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